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A message from Dr. Fox

To our wonderful patients and their families -

The office of Dr. Donna Fox will be changing location as of January 1, 2021. The move won’t be very far - to an office building on the other side of Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The building street address is 4540 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. This is called, “Building D,” but it is really 3 buildings surrounding a courtyard. To make it more confusing, each of the 3 buildings is designated as suite ”A,” “B,” or ”C.” We will be in suite C200 - it is in the building of these 3 which is farthest from the hospital, and we will be upstairs. Our office is at the front end of the second floor of the building, closest to Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. There are 2 elevators near the stairs, but usually only 1 elevator is working. This building has outdoor walkways. Our phone and fax numbers will stay the same. The Emergency entrance to Women’s and Children’s Hospital from Ambassador Caffery leads to the front of Building D. Click here to see the Campus Map with a diagram of the new location.

While we know it is not convenient to go to a different location, it became necessary to make this change in order to remain viable as an office. The monthly costs are substantially lower in the new location, as it is smaller. There will still be ample space for all we need to do to care for our wonderful young friends as usual. We have had to make some difficult decisions in recent weeks. This location change is the result of challenging times in the medical field.

You may be aware that my mother suffered a terrible injury in 2018 and as a result required a lot of delicate care. During her time of great need, I was not able to come into the office as early each day as before, nor was I able to stay late on all afternoons because of the care she needed from me. In early January of this year she completed her time of suffering and sadly passed away. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each of you who have been so understanding about my need to adjust the early and late office appointment hours during her difficult times. We had managed to keep things going fairly well at the office with those schedule changes, but then came COVID 19.

"I love the fact that all of our families have my cell phone number and can call or text me at any time when they might have a worry
or question."

The impact of this terrible pandemic on our world cannot be overstated. In addition to the tragic loss of life and health from this outbreak, many have faced economic challenges which have changed daily life. Pediatricians have struggled as well. Office visits are less frequent as people have been reluctant to come to medical facilities for preventative care. An already worrisome situation has escalated - patients going to urgent care/walk in clinics instead of seeing their own pediatrician when they are ill. Different pediatricians have responded in various ways to these challenging times.

While I considered joining a large practice to help ease the economic pressures, I truly think that what we have to offer in our solo practice is something worth fighting to maintain. We hope that controlling our costs with downsizing our office space will lead to our ability to thrive even in these difficult times. I love the fact that all of our families have my cell phone number and can call or text me at any time when they might have a worry or question. I like being available myself to speak with you when the need arises. In larger groups, patients may see different doctors, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants at each visit. While there are several correct ways to treat most conditions, there is a loss of consistency in that setting, and communication can be very unclear. The day may come when most pediatricians are forced to consider those practice types. I much prefer to do all in my power to take care of your precious children and help your families to the best of my abilities myself personally.

There are actually several aspects of the new office setting which I find more pleasing than in our previous location. I am looking forward to making the transition to your new medical office “home” proceed as smoothly as possible. Of course all of our wonderful office ladies will still be part of our team.

We look forward to seeing each of you at our new location - and remember to call or text me if you have any questions or concerns. Happy New Year! This next one has got to be better than the last!